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Terms & conditions

1) Parties

a. In these general terms and conditions:

Seller: Tool specialist

Buyer: The natural or legal person who, as buyer of goods and / or services, enters into one or more transactions with the seller.


2) Offers, prices and purchase agreement

a. Every quotation or quotation made by the seller, whether orally or in writing, is entirely free of obligation and valid until 4 weeks after the date of release. Seller is only bound by the quotation or quotation if it is confirmed by entering into a purchase agreement between seller and buyer.

b. A purchase agreement is created as soon as the buyer places an order in the merchant's web shop: www.toolspecialis.com or www.toolspecialist.nl. A purchase agreement also arises as soon as the buyer indicates receipt of a quotation or quotation, verbally or in writing, which offered to purchase in whole or in part from the seller.

c. All statements and statements by the seller, oral or written, of dimensions, qualities and other technical data and qualities are deemed to reflect global approximations. Seller shall only be bound by the statements and statements if and insofar as the seller has explicitly indicated this in writing.

d. The Seller reserves the right to change the offered sales prices, orally or in writing, unless they are confirmed in writing in a purchase agreement.

e. The purchase agreement can be dissolved by the seller, without there being a right to compensation, if it is expressly shown that the seller made an erroneous price statement which could reasonably be foreseen by the buyer.

f. All prices are in Euros, excluding VAT, unless expressly stated otherwise.


3) Delivery

 a. Stated delivery times will be kept as much as possible by the vendor, but do not constitute a deadline. In case of overrun, there is no right to terminate the contract, nor is there a right to compensation.

 b. The buyer is obliged to inspect the goods upon delivery for damage and completeness, when the buyer receives the goods they are deemed to have been received undamaged and complete.

 c. If, after delivery, the buyer detects a defect in the goods that it could not reasonably have perceived on delivery, it must inform the seller immediately, but at least within 48 hours of delivery. In that case the seller will consult with the buyer in order to arrive at a suitable solution.

 d. If the buyer intentionally makes incorrect orders and / or intentionally prevents the delivery of goods, the seller reserves the right to recover the costs incurred from the buyer.


4) Returns

a. Buyer has the right to return goods within 14 days after receipt without giving reasons. At the purchaser's option, the purchase price can be fully or partially refunded or replacement goods delivered.

b. Goods and their original packaging that are returned must be returned in undamaged condition by and at the expense of buyer at the address of the seller.

c. Goods that are specially ordered for buyer can only be returned if the seller expressly agrees.

d. The buyer commits himself to contact the seller for return.


5) Warranty

a. Seller guarantees the goods delivered to the goods delivered by the manufacturer / importer / distributor of the relevant goods.

b. The guarantee period described in paragraph 5 paragraph a applies unless the vendor's web shop, at the time of purchase, when a product is expressly stated, or in any other way explicitly communicated by the vendor, that another warranty period applies.

c. If a registration is required for an extended warranty period, the buyer is obliged to comply with the applicable provisions and regulations. If the buyer fails to do so, the guarantee period is limited to the duration of 1 year.

d. For batteries, accumulators and charging equipment the warranty period is in all cases limited to 1 year.

e. The term of guarantee starts on the invoice date, the invoice forms the guarantee certificate and must be submitted by the buyer for warranty claims.

f. When there is an extended warranty period by means of In the event of a warranty claim, the buyer must also submit the certificate of this extended warranty to the seller.

g. By and for the account of the buyer, the goods on which the guarantee is claimed will be offered at the address of the seller or at another address within